Our goal

We want to give new life to the old bikes of Berlin. Salvage used bikes, fix them up and sell them at fair prices, however, as of June 2016 we also decided to have new bikes in our shop that have yet to be used. The idea is to be an eco-friendly alternative for anyone who are concerned about the environment. At the same time we offer you the possibility of buying a bike that fits into the beautiful and charming city of Berlin.

Bike A-Way think that Berlin has an amazing, laid-back attitude and a friendly vibe. It is a perfect city for cycling. That is why our goal is to reanimate bikes and help achieve long-term environmental sustainability.

We find bikes that still have plenty of life in them, and get them back on the roads. We have a large assortment of both women’s and men’s bikes: mountain bikes, touring bikes and used racers, which all have been thoroughly serviced and are ready to ride. Our prices are very reasonable and we offer friendly customer service along with useful cycling tips.

How we do it

We buy large amounts of discarded bikes, and fix them up. Using grade-A parts, professional equipment and our expertise, we can guarantee quality second-hand bikes at affordable prices. We offer many different types of bicycles – check out our products page for examples.

Local shop

We have a storefront on Kochhannstr. 33, and our door is always open if you would like to check out our bikes..

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